Top Ten Carousel Music Boxes That Bring Joy to Your Holidays

The unforgettable delight of a carousel ride is timeless.  Handcrafted in artist’s resin, Carousel Music Box is a captivating display of music and motion. The keepsake makes the perfect holiday or anytime gift for horse enthusiasts.

1. Disney’s “Believe In The Magic” Rotating Musical Carousel

Disney’s beloved characters, delightful songs and happily ever afters always make us believe in the magic. The carousel moves, circling around and around as it plays Disney’s “A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes.” As the canopy slowly rotates, favorite Disney characters go by upon charming carousel horses.

You’ll see Disney’s Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck and more. Specially created with the artists of Disney and handcrafted by talented artisans, every fully sculpted character is individually hand-painted to capture their endearing personalities.

The canopy features even more characters from the treasured films, from Disney Princess characters to Dory to Timon and Pumba, and the colorful images are delightful!

2. Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer Revolving Musical Carousel

history’s longest-running holiday special is yours to cherish as never before in this hand-painted music box. This officially licensed carousel features Rudolph®, Clarice®, Hermey® and Santa in his sleigh, all circling around and around as the treasured melody of “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” plays.

Each character is fully sculpted and hand-painted in vivid colors true to the movie. Plus, six best-loved scenes from the film are showcased on the canopy. Silver-plated accents, snowflakes, swirls and glittery “snow” on the base add to the delight. A fully sculptural Sam the Snowman® – banjo in hand – is the perfect carousel topper.

3. Granddaughter, I Wish You Illuminated Carousel Music Box

Shower your beloved granddaughter with your heartfelt wishes with this limited-edition, illuminated musical carousel only for your granddaughter.

This delightful treasure is exquisitely handcrafted and hand-painted and features three elaborately adorned carousel horses that twirl around beneath an ornate canopy graced with “Love”, “Hope”, “Happiness”, “Joy” and more. The canopy is lavished with sparkling faux jewels, delicate butterflies and silvery hearts, and crowned with a brilliant faux-jeweled heart topper.

More butterflies and hearts adorn the base along with a heartwarming sentiment from you that reads “My Granddaughter, I wish you all the happiness that life can bring! I love you” in graceful script.

With the flip of a switch, the carousel plays “Beautiful Dreamer” as lights shine down from the canopy and the faux jewels on the turning carousel horses sparkle and shine! This beautiful musical carousel is a wonderful granddaughter gift she’s sure to cherish forever.

4. COCA-COLA Carousel Music Box With Lights And Motion

With its charming stained-glass-inspired design and enchanting display of motion, music and light, this exquisitely handcrafted, illuminated COCA-COLA musical carousel celebrates life’s joyful moments that make the whole world go ’round.

Exquisitely handcrafted and hand-painted, this delightful illuminated music box features three lavishly adorned, sculptural carousel horses. At the flip of a switch, the horses circle beneath an ornate canopy that resembles a stained-glass lamp – complete with the iconic COCA-COLA logo.

As the horses rotate, the music box plays the lovely melody “Carousel Waltz” while LED illumination shines down on the horses.

5. LOHOME Snow globe Carousel Music Box

LOHOME Music Box is a high-grade resin and gold plating snow globe carousel music box playing the “Castle in the Sky” Tune.  It has one horse in the glass ball and five horses around the glass ball. With the flip of a switch, the music plays and horses rotate around the globe slowly.

Meanwhile, the snowglobe illuminates from within, the light in the dome changes through several colors and the a flurry of snow moves within the globe.

6. Amperer Classical Lighted Carousel Horse Music Box

This Music Box is nice and collectible for kids and adults. It plays the inspirational melody of “Always with me” from Spirited Away, 18 Note Movement. You need to wind up the movement on the underside to play music.

Sturdy material, beautiful design, lovely craftsmanship – perfect for any music box collector. The design of carousel is very beautiful. Sculpted horses on the music box are very classic. Colorful LED lights will twinkle along with music. When music is off, lights will be off. The horse will rotate when the music is on. Make you feel like you are in the world of fairy tales.

7. ACCOCO Large Carousel Music Box Luxury Color Change LED Light Luminous

This fanstic Moving up and Down Carousel Music Box from ACCOCO is made of natural resin with metal movement. Handcrafted figurine depicts 3 stunning horses on a classic carnival carousel, all figures painted with exquisite detail. The top is also decorated with beautiful crystal.

The carousel music box includes two Wonderful Melody: “Castle in the Sky(Laputa)” and “Swan Lake” 18-Note Movement. It will sing “Castle in the Sky” when you turn the whole top clockwise, and sing “Swan Lake” when you twist the clockwork on the bottom. Just turn the whole top clockwise, then the horse would rotating and moving up and down.

The music box has LED light gradient function. When you open the base switch, you can watch the colors change from red to purple to blue to white.


Bring the joy and wonder of your favorite carousel ride home for the Holidays. Santa and his reindeer become the center of attention with the Very Merry Carousel!

A fun and festive carousel that turns round and round. LED spotlights illuminate the highly detailed figures. Choose between 25 Christmas carols and 25 all-time classics for musical accompaniment. Volume control allows you to enjoy with or without music.

AC adapter operated. At 11.5″ tall, this carousel will make a statement anywhere you place it. Place on a side table, bookshelf or even the window to bring the joy of the Very Merry Carousel into your home.

9. THE SAN FRANCISCO MUSIC BOX COMPANY Heritage 3-Horse Rotating Carousel

The Heritage 3-Horse Rotating Carousel from the San Francisco Music Box Company is an enchanting keepsake that’ll transport you back to the excitement of yesteryear’s glorious fairgrounds! This adorable collectible features three magnificent white horses mounted upon a regal merry-go-round with ornate white and gold detailing.

With their rainbow-colored saddles and bridles, the trio rotates counterclockwise under the grand blue canopy upon windup. A classic mechanical 18-note music player tinkles the tune of the “Carousel Waltz” while you watch with delight.

10. The Nightmare Before Christmas Illuminated Musical Carousel

The Nightmare Before Christmas Carousel whirls you back to Halloween Town with the turn of a key and a spectacular display of lights, music and motion. Jack Skellington, Sally, Zero, Oogie Boogie, Dr. Finkelstein, the Mayor, Lock, Shock and Barrel – all your favorite characters are here, over twenty in all.

The luminous moon on Spiral Hill showcases a silhouette of Jack Skellington and Sally on the front and Oogie Boogie on the back. Skeletons dangle and witches ride by, surrounded by grimacing jack-o’-lanterns, coffins, ghosts and more.

At the flip of the three-way switch you control not just the lights that set the moon, canopy and seven pumpkins aglow, but also the rotating movement of the lighted carousel and the melody of “Overture” that fills the air!