Disney Eeyore Some Days Look Better Upside Down Musical Globe

Sunshine and showers. Raindrops and flowers. Life is filled with ups and downs. Sometimes we just need a slight change of perspective to make us realize everything will be okay. And who better to offer a different perspective than Disney’s Eeyore?

Now, Eeyore brings you his adorable antics – just the thing to turn your frown upside down – with the Disney Some Days Look Better Upside Down Glitter Globe.

Price:$69.99 US


This enchanting musical glitter globe features the ever-lovable Eeyore in fully sculptural form, posed in a flower-filled meadow inside a crystal-clear glass musical glitter globe.

Intricately hand-painted and standing on his head in a playful pose, Eeyore is sure to lift anyone’s spirits. And, with a gentle shake, a flurry of shimmering glitter swirls all around him, creating a sparkly sweet, cheerful atmosphere.

The brightly colored base further delights with two images of Eeyore and hand-painted bas-relief clouds, raindrops and a bright yellow sun, along with a gentle reminder that “Some days look better upside down.”

And to top it all off, this uplifting Disney collectible plays the beloved melody “Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head.”

  • Edition limited to 295 casting days, so order now!
  • Measures 6″ H; 15.2 cm H
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